Bosch Center of Engineering department meeting (20.09.22)

Online event organized by Bosch Center of Engineering in Aveiro, Portugal in which I presented “Project Your Life – the GROW POSITIVE model”.

Attendance: ~100 participants online + presential.

Below goes the wishes and success people for the participants:

The wishes that the Bosch participants would like to realize.

The answer is that there are conditions, in which your wishes can be realized:

  • Plan. Only the wishes that you can plan, can realize!
  • Prioritize and balance. Only one wish per life core area: My Fa-Bu-Lux goals!
  • Turn your skills into Superpowers. I’m not a Genie, you are! Only you can make it happen!

The most successfull people according the Bosch participants.

The answer is that we should democratize and count success in all the three areas, not only Business: My Fa-Bu-Lux life success

  • Success is when one person is able to become better in the three core life areas and taking the benefits of it:
    • My: Myself
    • Fa: Family & Friends
    • Bu: Business
    • Lux: Luxury
  • Success is when you achieve the triple win,
  • And happiness come when you apply luxury in your life and in the life of others.