The book

“The book that Tiago has just written is a universal document that considers the three basic areas in any life – personal, family and professional life – and explains how to be successful in all of them through a method called ‘GROW POSITIVE’.”

– João Paulo Oliveira (CCO of The Navigator Company)

What is Project Your Life?

Project Your Life adapts project management knowledge into a model for self-development that, once followed, will drive a person to succeed by accomplishing his or her life goals in the different areas of life.

The core life areas

There are four core life areas: Myself, Family & Friends, Business and Luxury.

My Fa-Bu-Lux Life

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Yourself projects are number ONE priority. You will work on your life purpose and achieve happyness.

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Family & Friends

Here, you will develop projects that will impact positively your family and strengthen relationships.

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By focusing in business projects, you will further advance in your career and achieve happiness at work.

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luxury is about how to maximize money, time and givings; so that you can get more of it and give more of it.

With Project Your Life, you can achieve your most important goal by using only 1 hour a day. I called this process the happy hour routine. However, the magical transformation happens when you use more of these happy hours. You will then be able to achieve the desired triple win: feeling fulfilled, improving family time and progressing in your career.

“If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much.”

– Jim Rohn

which problem does it overcome?

The problem is that 92% of goals set fails because they were not properly set. It is not sufficient to set SMART goals. This is just one skill: if applied on its own, it will not guarantee you success.

“Only 8% of people who set New Year’s goals actually achieve them”

– University of Scranton, USA.


I’m guessing that, in the past, you gave up on some of your life goals because of one or more of those enemies:

The 7 enemies of life goals achievement

To achieve your life goals, you need a broader method, one that gives those goals the format of a life project, and you also need to apply the 7 skills that will allow you to manage those life projects in a similar way to what professional project managers do.

Instead, “Grow Positive” to defeat the 7 enemies

You can increase by more than 7 times the chance to achieve your life goals by using the GROW POSITIVE method.

“67% of projects with high-maturity project management processes are delivered on scope, on time and within budget”

– Project Management Institute, USA.

7 Project Management skills to achieve life balance and success



Level 1: Gain clarity by setting My Fa-Bu-Lux life goals


Level 2: Create your “happy hour” routine


Level 3: Invite others to support you; you are not alone!

Wow effect

Level 4: Feel your purpose, feel excited, feel wow!


Plan Out

Level 5: Plan out work packages by breaking down your deliverables

Skills Into superpowers

Level 6: Turn skills into superpowers for strong

Track and Improve

Level 7: Track your progress and improve to achieve mastery

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V. E.

Bonus level: Find out the VE secret and drive your projects to 100% success


Here’s a free preview of the book:

Some reviews from amazon

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Excelent acquisition”

I really recommend this book from Tiago, he describe in reality how to improve your life (personal or professional) in a easy and realistic way.

Júlio (Brazil)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Great guide”

I am a firm believer in mapping out your career and yes, project managing your life. This book is a great guide and it also provides some easy, clever ways to help you do it.

Sylvie (Canada)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“All the tools I needed”

Helped me to organize my goals, and define targets for all dimensions of my life. I found through this book all the tools i needed to organize my life projects

Ricardo (Portugal)

Other testimonials

Are you ready to grow positive?

Now is the right time to project your life. By reading this book and turning knowledge into skills, you will immediately notice the power it unleashes. You will feel more motivated and energized and will see yourself begin to take control of several aspects of your life.

Project Your Life is a game changer. The difficult part, however, is that all new habits require a daily commitment with yourself. All project managers work daily in their projects to keep them on track. You need to do the same with your life projects: they will only work with daily motivation, discipline and strong execution. To make this process easier, I developed a Life planner and journal to keep your focus on the daily activities.

What does the book contain:

+ 7 books in one / 7 PM skills in a toolbox;

+ 73 small sub-chapters of knowledge nuggets;

+ 34 Exercises to transform the knowledge nuggets into skills (FREE workbook inside);

+ Life planner in excel, to set Your Fa-Bu-Lux life goals (FREE download);

+ Life journal in pdf, to turn your skills into superpowers and become a ROLE model (FREE download);

+ How to become a Project SEAL by creating your “happy hour” routine

+ And much more…

Order Project Your Life today and get access to the Life Planner and Journal instantly when you order from the website!


* BONUS GIFT #1: Receive the Life Planner tool (Value 12€)

To help you plan your life project, you will receive an excel tool that will help you to plan Your Fa-Bu-Lux life projects. With a Life Plan in place, you will increase your chance up to 50% in achieving your goals.

* BONUS GIFT #2: Get the Project Your Life Journal (Value 12€)

When you purchase your book today, you will also receive the PYL Journal. Setting a daily Journaling routine for day planning and self-reflection will make you succesfull with your life goals.



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