Hi, I’m Tiago. I am a professional Project Manager with more then 10 years experience. I realized that the Project Management skills and tools that I’ve learned can be used to manage the project of my life with great results. “GROW POSITIVE” is the process that I developed that can also support you in reaching your goals.

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Book “Project your life”


I am Tiago, a professional Project Manager and author of the book “Project your life”

I was born in 1979, in the City of Light, Paris. When I was 10 years old, my parents decided to move back to Portugal, where I eventually graduated in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Porto.

In 2009, I became responsible for the management of my first project at Bosch Thermotechnology. This was the beginning of the work that I’ve been engaged ever since and that I continue to be passionate about.

In 2012, I moved to Germany, where I obtained two important certifications: Project Management Professional from PMI and Project Management Qualification from Bosch (see pictures). With both certifications in hand and the knowledge acquired on the job, I was now a senior Project Manager.

In 2017, back in Portugal and now working at Bosch Car Multimedia, I got very ill. It was during that difficult time in my life that an idea dawned on me. The project management tools that I had been using professionally for years could also be applied to my private life. In fact, they could be the key that would help me to unlock the door between me and what I desired, starting with the improvement of my health but also extending to other areas, such as being a better father and husband and further advancing my career. I knew that to improve I needed to begin by getting clear on what I wanted to achieve in each core area of my life and then turn those goals into projects—my Life Projects. I started making my health a top priority.

By getting quality sleep, considering what I should eat and drink, becoming more active and gaining useful knowledge to improve my day-to-day life, I became a Project S.E.A.L.

I also began to strike a better balance between the time I reserved for myself and the time I spent with my family and on my business. I am now a Project Lifer.

In 2021, I achieved my first triple win: I wrote this book, I defined a system for the family to realize their dream trips and I entered the Talent Pool of Bosch.

In 2023, I became a certified Program Manager (PgMP).

By selling 2,000 books per year, additional to impacting readers in improving their lifes, I will be able to contribute for the Make-A-Wish organization, by making, every year, a kid wish coming true.


I believe that everyone has the potential to do extraordinary things in life and that it is not too late to change into a more positive, productive, unconditionally loving individual who enjoys greater well-being and better relationships. I want to switch on this potential in everyone who is seeking knowledge to manage and control his or her life projects; to make a difference in other people’s pursuit of freedom and happiness.


Adapt project management tools and techniques and provide relevant articles to transform life goals into life projects and ordinary people into Project Lifers, so that, by using the GROW POSITIVE method, everyone can increase by 7 times their chance to succeed in their yearly life projects, achieving their purpose, happiness and freedom in life.

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