List of “Life Values”

Define your life values

For core values definition, I suggest the following steps. Before you start, be aware that for this exercise you will need between 30min-1h30. It can sound a lot of time, nonetheless, we are here talking about decrypting your core-values, your guiding principle, believe me, this would come as a good investment.

  1. Put yourself comfortable and take-out any possible distractions for the time of this exercise
  2. Write down between 15-30 words or expressions that represent the reason of your emotions during moments of excitement and moments of frustration and your code of conduct. Note: if you find some difficulties in selecting the life values, you can download the list.
  3. Group them into 3-7 related categories. Give a number into each category and place into the top right corner of each table cells. The trick is to have not more then 7 to make them easier to remember and support when you want to measure your behavior against your values.
  4. Start to phrase each category by considering the higher value that could represent all the different ones that you have chosen.
  5. Enrich the phrase by trying to better describe your core-value. One trick that I use to place “:” and after I describe better what I mean. Like that I get 2 versions of my values: one shorter and a longer.
  6. Prioritize your core values list. Make an order from the most to the less important.
  7. Review and improve the description of your core-values in the next day or week.

Life Values list

You can download a free list of several possible “life values” for the different living core areas that you can consult for defining your personal values.

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My life values

Just as an example, I provide below the result of my core values: 

  1. Put Myself in first place: my well-being, health and knowledge improves my state and make me fit to help others.
  2. Give Unconditional love to the core family: be always available to whom matters most
  3. Be always positive: seek in every change, challenge and failure an opportunity to grow
  4. Grow continuously and excel in the different life core-areas: upgrade consecutively to better versions of myself
  5. Planning is fundamental to achieve effectively what we desire: “a goal without a plan is a wish”
  6. One man behavior can save the planet: leave this beautiful world a better place that I found

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