Don’t do everything at the same time: learn how to prioritize

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Sometimes we have so many things to do that we don’t know where to start. We get stuck inside our minds. What should you do when that happens? You should just do what is included in your daily plan and by default consider what is included in the Myself core life area. Activities pertaining to the Family & Friends and the Business core life areas should by default come 2nd and 3rd, respectively, in your order of priority. After defining the Top 7, for each activity you need to consider its priority level.

Why myself comes first?

The Myself core life area must be your number one priority. You cannot be good to others and support them if you are not good to yourself. At first sight, this can seem very selfish – and it could be, if taken to mean that you should only care about yourself. But what I mean here is just loving yourself, treating yourself with respect. If you want to assist others, you need to grow and learn how to help them, for example, how to show empathy, give motivation, deal with the emotions of others or provide support in a specific area of expertise. You need to feel good and positive, so that others can mirror your happiness, confidence and energy.

Always start your work with higher-priority activities

If you work on priorities first, even on those days when you are not able to fully execute your plan, you will at least increase the value of the work that you do get done.

“Most things which are urgent are not important, and most things which are important are not urgent”

You can also use the Eisenhower matrix to make decision regarding activities that fall within your happy hours. As the American General and US President Dwight D. Eisenhower said, “Most things which are urgent are not important, and most things which are important are not urgent” (Eisenhower 1954). You should only perform activities with a clear deadline and create a consequence for failing to respect that deadline.

The Eisenhower matrix for decision-taking applied to Project Your Life

Whenever new things pop up, you might consider using the adapted Eisenhower Matrix to decide what to do next in accordance with the Project Your Life mindset.

Practical tip: Utilize the breakdown technique to decompose your monthly work packages into 30 minutes daily activities that you can distribute in the different days of the month by writing them in a daily journal.

I wish You a Fa-Bu-Lux Life 🙂

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