To succeed in life, Set Your Fa-Bu-Lux life goals

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It is often said that we only live once. Unfortunately, this means that we have only one chance to achieve our life goals. Nevertheless, I believe that everyone has the potential to do extraordinary things in life and that it is never too late to change into a more positive, unconditionally loving and productive individual who enjoys greater well-being and better relationships.

With the Project Your Life method, this can be achieved by setting life projects based on personal goals. Life projects can be divided into four categories:

• Myself

• Family & Friends

• Business

• Luxury

I call them core life areas because everything we do daily is done within one of these areas. We spend almost 45% of our time working and commuting – which is the Business core life area. After work, the other activity we spend the most time on is sleeping, which might account for 35% of our time. However, since this is a non-active area, I didn’t include it as a separate core life area, despite its importance. Then, we spend on average 15% of our time on the Family & Friends core life area. Next comes the Myself core life area, with only 5% of the time allocated to it, despite its significance6. Lastly, the Luxury core life area comprises the improvement of your living standard and financial independence. This is the area that will allow you to leave the rat race, distribute your time more equitably and achieve the desired happiness in life. Wouldn’t it be great to have more time to develop yourself and improve the quality of the time you spend with family and friends without impacting your business performance? The Luxury core life area can take care of it.

To make the sequence easier to memorize, I created an acronym by joining the first letters of each core life area. The result is My Fa-Bu-Lux, which stands as a reference to My Fabulous Life. Indeed, if we start to master the balance of improving ourselves in these four categories, our lives will become fabulous.

I wish You a Fa-Bu-Lux Life 🙂

From the book “Project Your Life”. The book is now available in:
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