How I turned the year 2021 in one of my most successful year ever?

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Using life Project Management increased by 7x the chance in achieving my goals

Only 8% of people achieve their yearly resolutions, only 2% of athletes succeed with a professional career and only 1% will achieve millionaire status; but 67% of projects in organizations with high maturity of Project Management processes and managed by professional Project Managers are successful. Therefore, if you PROJECT YOUR LIFE by using the GROW POSITIVE model, then you can also increase your chance to succeed with your goals by 7 times or more.

The 7 enemies of success that the GROW POSITIVE model can help you to defeat:

The 7 enemies of success

The main change that I did in 2021, compared to other years was to project my life. This gave me a strong purpose, commitment, discipline and planning, being real superpower, strong enough to defeat all of those 7 enemies.

The birth of the “Project your life” mission

I still remember the New Year Eve dinner of 2020 when I surprised my family with my resolution declaration. I said, « my resolution for 2021 will be to write a book, a book called – Project Your Life – that will help people in achieving their life goals ».

I was convicted that if I would place the same knowledge and energy, that I put in my professional projects, into my life project of writing a book, I would be successful. At least, the book itself would become the first testimonial if my belief was correct or not.

On the day of 31-December 2020, I had only one title “Project Your Life” but starting, already on day 1-January, to dedicate daily 1 hour in writing, I call it “my happy hour”, and setting a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) target of writing 1 page a day, at the end of July I was already with 210 pages. At that time, the first draft was ready!

The same success I was able to achieve in my other life projects, for family and business.

The main change that I did in, my best year ever, compared to other years was to project my life. — Tiago Mateus

The new mechanism beyond my life projects success: the “GROW POSITIVE” model

During the book project, I realized 2 very important things that:

  1. The project management skills that can defeat the 7 enemies of success can come together in the acronyms G-R-O-W and PO-SI-TI-VE.
The 7 levels of a Life Project

2. We can manage up to 3 life projects in parallel, since that their executions happens in 3 different time periods of the day: Myself, Family&Friends and Business.

Using GROW POSITIVE model, all My Fa-Bu-Lux life projects were achieved. I can say that year 2021 brought me a triple win: winning with Myself, Family and Business.

My Fa-Bu-Lux life projects for year 2021

#1: Write the book “Project Your Life” (life area: Myself)

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This life project consisted in describing how professional project management tools & techniques can be adapted to transform life goals into life projects and ordinary people into Project Lifers, so that everyone can, by using the GROW POSITIVE method, increase by 7x the chance to succeed in their yearly life projects, achieving their purpose, happiness and freedom in life.

Main results achieved:

Being the result that I value most: the interaction with my launch team and community

#2: Set a system that makes my “Family dream trips come true” (life area: Family)

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My family likes trips and experiences and we talk a lot about vacation, where to go, where to eat, what are the new experiences available. We also talk about our dream trips but in a sense that it will not realized. This sensation is over. I created a saving system that would allow us, in the next 10 years, to bring into reality all our dream trips.

Main results achieved:

  • Annual saving of 1500 €
  • The motivation that each 3 years a dream trip will come true

Being the result that I value most: the capacity of finding solutions to turn dreams into reality.

#3: “Communicate like a leader” to advance in my career (life area: Business)

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The idea here was to improve my communication skills. By improving them I would become a better Project Manager in serving my project teams and I would be able to advance further in my career.

Main results achieved:

  • Learning about Negotiation with Chriss_Voss, Communication with Robin_Roberts and Persuasion with Daniel_Pink Masterclasses
  • Several presentations done to practise learning skills, including one online with 300 people
  • Admission to the Talent Pool of Bosch

Being the result that I value most: the relation with the management from my department and HR department that, support and trust in my competencies.

The TOP3 from my daily journaling

Journaling is a great tool for self-reflection. I practicise it every day. I started the year with a journal but then I decided to develop the ProjectYourLife_Journal to insert the mechanism of breakdown of life goals into daily activities. The ProjectYourLife_Journal includes a leaning, gratification, affirmation and lessons sections. Below, I show the TOP3 from the review that I did of my 2021 journaling.

My TOP3 learnings

  • Getting to know platfrom that allow me to develop several skills by learning from the best in the world.
  • Using Podcasts and Blinkist APP as audio tools for learning skills during exercise, commuting and others.
  • The importance of good sleep and nap from Sleep_Science_Masterclass and with the support of Morphée device, include it utilization as a “pomodoro timer” for work focus.

My TOP3 gratifications

  • I am grateful for the core and extended family that I have, they give purpose to my life and feel my life of joy.
  • I am grateful that considering the Covid19 pandemic, all my close family are in good health conditions.
  • I am grateful for my home, the neighbourhood and for living in Braga (Portugal)

My TOP3 affirmations

  • I believe that “Project Your Life” mission can create a positive impact in thousands of people’s life by supporting them in their yearly life projects success, achieving their purpose, happiness and freedom in life.
  • I believe that to be a great Project Manager, it is important to show resilience, good communication skills and empathy. I believe in servant leadership and that team and customers are on the same priority level. I also believe in an holistic leadership, not only taking care of my team during work, but as well being available to support them outside work. I can be, everyday, that great Project Manager.
  • I believe that I have all the conditions to be the best father for my kids and the best husband for my wife. I believe that my emotions can be managed in order to mitigate discussions time and effort and, replace them by trust, love, joy and empathy.

My TOP3 life lessons

  • Exercising outside – walking, running, biking – alone or with others is a great way to pull for a positive and creative mind.
  • The best way to avoid discussions is by practising empathy. Be an active listener, recognize first people feelings and emotions before providing possible solutions. if your partner, parent or colleague speak emotively and show disagreement to you, most of the time, it is not about you, it is about the overall situation in which this person is. As Chris Voss says, “the enemy is not the person sitting in the other side of the table, the enemy is the situation”.
  • Having the discipline of planning the day, respecting the schedule, defining the boundaries between Myself, Family and Business time allows me to be strongly efficient. With a simple step a day, the goal will come each day closer.

And what about you? How was your year 2021? What do you take from it? Which changes do you want to do for 2022?

I wish you all a Happy New Year 2022!

Take aways:

” Only 8% of people achieve their yearly resolutions; but 67% of projects managed by professional Project Managers are successful. Therefore, if you PROJECT YOUR LIFE, then you can increase your chance to succeed by 8 times or more.”


21-days challenge:

  • Project Your Life to achieve your Goals. Here how:
  1. Start filling out the “life charter” for your 3 life projects (Myself, Family&Friends, Business)  Life_Charter&Plan
  2. Share your life charter with an “accountable partner”
  3. I challenge you in sharing it as well in linkedin using ashtag #projectyourlife. Sharing with others will make you more accountable and increase the probability of success!
  4. Fill-out the respective “life plan”.
  5. Print out the PYL journal and use-it for your life project daily execution. Journal
  6. Get that “life project” done!

If you need any support, don’t hesitate to contact me by mail or LinkedIn chat in 


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