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Stronger execution can be achieved with effortless results, if you achieve your daily activities. Therefore, Set daily Journaling routine for day planning and self-reflection to be succesfull with your life goals.

Journaling is a great technique for self-reflection. In Project Your Life Journal (PYL journal), you can find a place to write about:

  • Your sleep, eat, activity and learning plan, so that you become a Project S.E.A.L.
  • What you are grateful for, so that you can complain less.
  • Your main goals for the day, so that you can reach them.
  • Your daily affirmation, so that you can stay motivated.
  • Your points for improvement or challenges, so that you can upgrade yourself to a better version.
  • Great things that happened during the day, so that you can stay focused on the positive.

The art of writing helps you to connect with your subconscious and it is a great vehicle for reflection. Leave your journal in a visible place; I leave my journal in my kitchen, so I don’t forget to use it before the breakfast.

The PYL journal fully reflect the GROW POSITIVE model, which entails a specific approach and process when it comes to life project management. The PYL Journal is a tool that you can use to manage your life projects.

  • Achieve your one-year life goals by tracking your monthly, weekly and daily progress.
  • Improve your positivity by expressing gratitude for what you already have.
  • Improve yourself by performing a retrospective analysis of your day. Write your affirmation of the day by considering the most important event of the day and declaring that you will achieve the goal related to that event.

Journaling as part of your daily routine can be a form of self-coaching, and it will really help you in upgrading yourself.


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