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Only 8% who set goals achieve them. By contrast, 67% of projects are achieved.
The life goals that get set as a project, get achieved!

Tiago Mateus is a professional and certified project manager that spent years developing important skills.
However, it was only when he faced the worst period of his life, fighting against lung disease, that he came to a crucial realization: the same skills and tools he had been using in his work could also be applied to his private life. They could help him achieve the goals that he desired, starting with improving his health, but also extending to spending more quality time with his family and further advancing his career. As he worked on a process to put this idea into practice, this book was born.

In the Project Your Life journey, you will learn the 7 crucial skills of Life Project Management, distilled into 7 levels and summed up with the acronym GROW POSITIVE:

  • Level 1 – Goals: Gain clarity by setting the My Fa-Bu-Lux life goals.
  • Level 2 – Routine: Create a routine and win the “happy hour”.
  • Level 3 – Others: Invite others to support you; you are not alone!
  • Level 4 – Wow: Feel your purpose, feel excited, feel wow!
  • Level 5 – Plan Out: Plan out work packages by breaking down your deliverables.
  • Level 6 – Skills In: Turn skills into superpowers for strong execution.
  • Level 7 – Track & Improve: Track your progress and improve with mastery.
  • Bonus  – V____ E_____: Find the V. E. secret and drive your projects to 100% success.

By managing a Life Plan, you transform your life goals into life projects and yourself into a Project Lifer, multiplying by 7 your chances of success and increasing your sense of fulfilment.

“The book that Tiago has just written is a universal document that considers the three basic areas in any life – personal, family and professional life – and explains how to be successful in all of them through a method called ‘GROW POSITIVE’”
João Paulo Oliveira, CCO of The Navigator Company (Europe’s largest manufacturer of printing and writing paper).

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